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Bust At Your Own Risk (Dirty South)
BOW BOW BOW (Dirty South)
Got Dem Goin Crazy (Dirty South)
Trap Supastar (Dirty South)
Tools N Drugs (Dirty South)
Taking This Over (Dirty South)
No Kudos (Dirty South)
Life Like A Movie (Dirty South)
Got My Own Swag (Dirty South)
We Go All Da Way (Dirty South)

Recipe For Love (R&B)
Over And Over Again (R&B)
Nobody Else Like You (R&B)
Bumb My Magic (R&B)
One Special Lover (R&B)
10000 Visions (R&B)

Good Times On Tha Block (Hip Hop)
You Got To Love It (Hip Hop)
Neva Catch Me Slippin (Hip Hop)
Be Careful For What You Ask For (Hip Hop)
Treated Me Like A Fool (Hip Hop)
Oh Yeah!!! (Up North)

Trilogy (East Coast)
2 Face (East Coast)

Away In Miami (New Age)
Mystic Status (New Age)
Gentle Touch (New Age)
Miss Congeniality (New Age)
Around Like A Ring (Mellow)

We Do This!!! (Club)

Knock, Rock, And Vibe (Reggae)
Favorite Of Them All (Reggae)

Rock Tha World (Rock)

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